8 Important Questions To Ask Yourself Before Buying An Exotic Pet

Although distinct and under the best circumstances, wonderful and engaging pets, exotic animals pose many unique and often unforeseen challenges for owners. If you're considering bringing an unusual animal into your home, it probably warrants a few questions, first. 1. Is The Exotic Animal Safe For Everyone In Your Household? Not only do you need to be concerned about a pet possibly biting someone in your home, but you also need to be wary of cleaning up after it.

Emergency Situations As A Dog Owner

Your dog is not just a pet, it is another member of your family and as such it gets the best healthcare possible. As a responsible dog owner, you ensure that the dog gets its regular shots, and has a proper diet. Most dog owners love and respect their dogs for the wonderful animals that they are. However, many owners do not know when an emergency healthcare situation appears. There are signs that you need to watch for that are signs of a medical emergency.

What's That Smell? Why Your Dog Has Bad Breath

If your dog suddenly has breath that could stop a truck, it might need more than a breath mint. Bad breath can be a sign of serious health issues, especially if you've ruled out things like garbage eating, or cat box raiding. If you've tried everything, and your dog still has bad breath, it's time to talk to the veterinarian. Your dog could be suffering from one of the health conditions described below.

What To Do If Your Cat's Paw Is Swollen

Cat paws come in all shapes and sizes, but noticing that your cat's paw has become swollen and enlarged can be alarming. Unfortunately, this can occur from a variety of injuries and illnesses, so it's important to know how to handle the situation should it ever happen to you and your cat. Keep reading to learn why a swollen paw is such a big problem and how to handle it.

Summer Hazards That Could Harm Your Dog

Summertime presents some unique seasonal challenges that could harm your dog if you don't keep a close eye on them and take some precautionary measures. Here are some summer hazards you should keep an eye on. #1 Water With Chemicals Many dogs love to jump into just about any body of water that they see. If your dog is a swimmer, you need to be careful about letting your dog swim in pools that are treated with chemicals.