Three Tips To Encourage Your Cat To Eat

It's always difficult when your cat starts turning down food. No matter the reason, it's important to get your cat eating again. While you're waiting for your vet's treatment to kick in and make your cat feel better, here are some tricks you can try to get your kitty to eat.

Add Something Stinky

Cat's noses are significantly stronger than a human's nose. However, this can go awry if your cat has a cold and can't smell. If they can't smell their food well, some cats won't eat. However, cats love intense smells and you can combat this by using something especially smelly. Even if they aren't particularly hungry, using something smelly helps them to want to chow down. You can accomplish this by adding some tuna to their food or by using fish flavors.

Sometimes you can make their usual food smellier by heating it for a very short time in the microwave. If you heat your cat's food in the microwave, be sure to test its temperature before you give them the food. No one wants kitty to get a burnt tongue.

Use Probiotics

Sometimes the reason your cat won't eat is because its tummy is upset. If your cat is licking its lips or you can hear its belly gurgle, your cat is probably dealing with an upset stomach. In this case, your vet can offer you some probiotics mixed with appetite stimulants. These probiotics entice your cat to eat and contain an important probiotic called animal digest. Animal digest is made of protein and is normally sprayed on kibble to get cats to like it more. To use these probiotics just sprinkle them on your cat's food. If you want, you can add some water to make a gravy or broth to entice your cat to eat more. Most cats love this and will gobble up the food quickly.

Add Some Water

If your cat is suffering from oral pain or an ulcer, it may be experiencing pain while chewing. Adding water to its usually diet may make it easier for your pet to chew. Add it to kibble to make it softer, but leave it for a few minutes. Give the kibble a chance to absorb the water so it isn't just a soupy mess.

You can also use water to extend the mileage of your cat's wet food. Adding water to your cat's wet food can make your kitty think there's more gravy, which is all of the encouragement to eat some cats need. For more information, talk with your cat's veterinarian