Is Your Cat Sleeping Too Much? Look For These 3 Signs Of Problems

Since cats can typically sleep anywhere from 16 to 20 hours per day, it can be hard to tell if your cat is sleeping normally or excessively. However, being able to tell the two apart can make all the difference in detecting illness early on. If you think your cat might be sleeping more than usual, keep an eye out for these three other warning signs that are commonly coupled with excessive sleeping that can confirm your cat is probably sleeping too much due to illness or another health problem.

Weight Loss

Although cats sleep a lot, they do a good job of maintaining their weight, too. If your cat is losing weight suddenly, there's probably a problem. Cats may lose more weight while they're also sleeping excessively because their body is working overtime. It's a common side effect seen with hyperthyroidism, a disorder in which the body's thyroid gland works too hard and burns up calories and energy more quickly than it should. Hyperthyroidism can be deadly if left untreated, so if your cat is losing weight and sleeping a lot, see a vet.

Accidents/Inappropriate Peeing

Like eating, cats will still typically get up on a regular basis to use the litter box when they need to go. However, if your cat isn't well, they may have accidents instead. If you've noticed that your cat has peed or pooped on its bed or somewhere between its bed and the litter box, your cat may be unwell. They may be sleeping too deeply to make it to the litter box on-time, or even going while they're still asleep. This is extremely abnormal behavior and could be an indication that your cat's kidneys or urinary tract is infected. Since the immune system has to work hard to beat infections, it could be making your cat sleep more heavily, too.

Lack of Interest in Play

Lastly, if your cat isn't interested in playing or other physical activity, that's a sure warning sign. Even older kitties will typically show interest in play, even if they can't maintain activity for long. If your cat doesn't care about its favorite toys or scratching posts, you should see a vet. There are many problems that could cause excessive sleeping and a lack of interest in play. The reasons can range from your cat having a cold to something like arthritis, which can make it painful to play.

If you're unsure why your cat is acting the way it is, your vet will be to run blood tests and perform a physical exam to figure out the root cause of your cat's behavior. It can be hard to tell if a cat isn't feeling well, but if you notice any of these symptoms paired with your cat sleeping more than usual, don't delay on getting your cat to the veterinarian.