Here Are Reasons For Fixing Your Dog

If you have a dog or you are going to be bringing one home soon, then you may be questioning whether or not you should have the dog fixed. Males get neutered and females get spayed. Neutering and spaying procedures are done to prevent the dog from being able to breed. There are some times when you want to avoid having your dog fixed and a couple of these times include if you are going to be showing the dog professionally in the future or if you think you may want to have them produce a litter at any point. Otherwise, there are a great deal of benefits that come from fixing your dog and you can learn about a few of them here:

Benefits of spaying your dog

When you have your dog spayed you won't have to worry about her going into heat once or twice a year and dripping blood on your flooring, your furniture, your car upholstery and anywhere else that you happen to take her.

Female dogs can get aggressive toward other female dogs when they aren't fixed. This can be true at any time, but it is especially true when they are close to coming into heat or when they are in heat. Spaying them can help combat much of that aggression.

When a female dog comes into heat she will get a very strong urge to mate and this can lead to her running away in search of a mate. Therefore, spaying your dog can also help prevent her from taking off on you and getting lost.

Benefits of neutering your dog

While it's normal for just about all male dogs to mark their territory, they tend to have a much stronger urge to do so when they aren't neutered. This can lead to them marking all over the inside of your house which can be a huge problem. When you neuter your dog you will find it a lot easier to train them not to mark inside the house or around other places you need to keep clean and odor-free.

Male dogs that haven't been fixed have a very strong urge to mate when they smell a female in heat. Since dog's have such a keen sense of smell, they can tell when a female in the neighborhood is in heat and they will do their hardest to get out and find her. Neutering can therefore help prevent your dog from escaping and getting lost when a female nearby is in season. For more information about spaying and neutering, contact a business such as Caring Hands Animal Hospital.