Tips To Keep Your Senior Cat Comfortable

A senior cat may seem to have few complaints, but his could simply be because cats aren't prone to showing any discomfort or pain. It is up to you as a caring owner to make sure your cat's needs are being met as they age. One major component of this is to take steps to make the home more accessible for the senior cat. The following tips can help.

Tip #1: Make sure the essentials are accessible

Jumping up on a counter to feed or climbing up and down stairs to get to the litter box becomes more difficult as a cat ages. Your cat may also be unable to hold their bladder for as long, which means a far away litter box is more likely to result in an accident. Make sure that litter boxes are easy to access. In large or multi-level homes, place at least one box on each level. Food and water should also be served at ground level so that the cat doesn't have to climb or jump to reach their nourishment.

Tip #2: Minimize the need to climb and jump

Achy bones may leave a cat floor bound, which can be frustrating for the animal. You can take steps to make your cat's favorite napping and sunning spots still accessible. Pet ramps are available that allow cats to access a favorite chair or windowsill without jumping. You can also arrange items, such as low shelves, near favorite spots so the cat can reach it with several smaller jumps instead of one big leap.

Tip #3: Provide some resting spots

Extra comfort is much appreciated by a senior cat, especially as their access to comfortable spots becomes limited due to decreased mobility. Provide your cat with a pet bed or two at or near ground level. The extra cushioning will help protect sore bones and joints from the hard floor.

Tip #4: Continue with play time

Being older doesn't mean your cat wants to sleep all the time. Exercise is an important for both your cat's health and happiness. One-on-one playtime, perhaps with a feather stick, works well because you can keep it slow for an older cat. Puzzle toys, such as those where a cat tried to catch a mouse in a maze or catch a treat in a rolling ball are also good for senior cats because they can tackle them at their own pace.

Aging gracefully begins at home for your pet. Also, make sure to speak with a vet for more tips on helping your senior cat be more comfortable.