Four Pieces Of Used Veterinary Equipment To Purchase When First Starting Out

If you have decided to open up your own private veterinary practice in a small town, you will need certain equipment to be able to do your job as well as you possibly can. While some of the equipment needs to be purchased in brand new condition, some equipment can be purchased used. The guide below walks you through the equipment that can be purchased second-hand to save you money when opening up your small veterinary office.

The Kennels

When animals come to your clinic to get care, you may need to keep them overnight. When you keep them overnight, you need to have a place to keep them so that they can be as safe as possible at all times. Having kennels for the dogs and cats ensures that they are not able to get out and roam at night.

The X-Ray Machine

When an animal comes with an internal blockage or a broken bone, you will need to take x-rays to determine how badly they are hurt. Having an x-ray machine on site will allow you to give a hurt animal the care that they need right away. Be sure to choose an x-ray machine that will easily fit into the space that you have available to you in your building though.

The Examination Tables

You will need to be able to lift and lower the dogs and cats when you examine them. There are veterinary examination tables that not only allow you to lift the animals as needed, but also take their weight when they step onto them. The tables do not take up a lot of space in an examination room and work electronically so that you only have to press a button to lift the animals to an appropriate height for examination.

The Autoclave

An autoclave is an essential piece of equipment for any veterinary office to have because it allows you to properly sterilize the equipment that you use when examining the animals. Being able to clean the equipment allows you to use it again and again rather than having to replace the pieces after each examination. Be sure to thoroughly test a used autoclave before buying it ensure that it works properly.

All of these pieces of equipment are very expensive to purchase. Purchasing used veterinary equipment for sale allows you to invest money in other areas of your business so that you can be as successful as possible.